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Hey Pals Lorenzo here! As you know, here at PALS Podcast we are building a community of PALS that reach different kind of PALS. I myself is an amateur comic book reader but PALS Podcast has many PALS that are awesome comic book fans like our PALS Leo Johnson aka @LFLJ and Charles Joy aka @Thanosrules.

Our Pals over at have a new comic book series called Signed C the signed-kickstarter-300x250Missing. The comic book is about and awesome talent agent who happens to be a really kickass sorceresses the world has seen. C begins a investigation when one of her models goes missing. As she uses her supernatural powers to battle nemesis that has been one step ahead of her. She has conflict with her past as walks this new path to safe not just one human but many!

Issue #1 is currently out and you can go here to purchase Issue #1

Issue #2 & #3 are ready for print, but they need support from you PALS of the podcast. They have started a kickstarter for the 2 upcoming issues. Please click here to head over to their kickstarter to help support! They have some awesome perks too. Please share with your PALS so we can help out our PALS at waywardraven.

Episode 63 Michael Amico

This week Lorenzo sits down with Drummer, Lounge singer, and comedian Michael Amico! 1939954_10153943515405711_1588195032_nThey share dating stories, talk about comedy. Michael also talks about his days as a lounge singer and drummer. Oh during the episode an EARTHQUAKE happens! Enjoy


March Madness!

March Madness!!!!

Hey Everyone! John here bringing you yet another ill-conceived, half thought out view, of the world of sports and everything else “unique”. Its March and that means March Madness! Men’s Basketball has dominated this month for eons, however, this year’s tournament could see something that has never happened before; a three-peat Champion. I’m not talking about basketball; I’m talking about the Consumerist’s yearly Worst Company in America.

In the previous two years, Electronic Arts has taken home the Golden Poo for the worst company in America decimating opponents like Sallie Mae and Bank of America. The top 32 worst companies are selected by the readers and consumers through Consumerist. To avoid vague nominations, Consumerist asks that all nominations be accompanied by a legitimate reason to why that company is the worst rather than a quick “I hate the Jerks!!”.


This year’s contest includes consumer favorites such as Ebay/Paypal, Time Warner Cable, EA, Walmart and Live Nation/ Ticketmaster. My money is on EA pulling out yet another convincing win throughout the Tournament.  Voting starts today! Make sure to stop by their website at or better yet, just click on the link!

By: John Fredrickson

Patent Troll’s Lawsuit Goes After Adam Carolla and Podcasts

Patent Troll’s Lawsuit Goes After Adam Carolla and Podcasts

A legal battle is beginning against Adam Carolla through Patent Troll Personal Audio, a Texas-based company claiming to have invented podcasting technology. Personal Audio claims to have owned the patented used for the delivery of media over the internet. ABC and NBC as well as Adam Carolla have been named as defendants in the case.


In this legal battle for Personal Audio, Non-Profits as well as small digital media companies lacking the financial backing have been the initial targets. Months ago, many podcasters were contacted by the company demanding an undisclosed “licensing fee” for the use of the technology. None of the podcasters have were contacted have acknowledge any requests.


This legal battle will determine how future use of media is used on the internet. A legal victory for Personal Audio could see the end of Podcasting and digital streaming as we know it vanish.  If you are a fan of podcasting, or love digital media in any form, please help Adam Carolla in his fight against Personal Audio. Please join Pals Podcast and Adam Carolla by donating to the cause by visiting Every dollar goes to the fight against this Patent Troll. Stand up with us today!

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