Episode 42 Totally Random

Episode 42! Andrea is back with Lorenzo this week. In this total random episode they talk about Caines Arcade to cat on rope at the park! Jobs on craigslist and 44oz sodas! plus Lorenzo is so excited to share stories he forgets words! Enjoy!


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Episode 39! A group of PALS

Episode 39! Andrea and Lorenzo welcome Panel Pals Podcast, like comic-con panel (Oooooo), as guests to the show. This podcast has various topics from our new knowledge of comics from their podcast earlier this week to movies that work into your everyday life, hit lists, and of course, Young Guns! We have a fun time with our fellow “pals” Leo and Michael. Enjoy!


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Twitter: @panelpals


Episode 35 All the good ones are taken, all the hot ones are…

Episode 35! Lorenzo and Andrea spare no time explaining the long in between episodes. They share stories from the past two weeks. Publicity is good no matter what, the two share their thoughts and they have fun recording on location! Enjoy

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Program Note

Hello friends, Lorenzo here. I want to let you know that due to some life events we had to push the recording of episode 35 back just a little bit. Andrea and I are excited to put out a fun episode. I would like to apologize for the this hiccup, but ladies and gentlemen no need to worry the P.A.L.S. Podcast will be back,stronger and better. Keep the look out, episode 35 will be out soon.

By: Lorenzo