Episode 63 Michael Amico

This week Lorenzo sits down with Drummer, Lounge singer, and comedian Michael Amico! 1939954_10153943515405711_1588195032_nThey share dating stories, talk about comedy. Michael also talks about his days as a lounge singer and drummer. Oh during the episode an EARTHQUAKE happens! Enjoy


Special Episode 5 Week in Review with Lorenzo & Debra

Special Episode 5. Lorenzo and co-host Debra Brown sit down and they do the week in review of news! They talked Oscar selfie to Duke University porn star to toilets lots of them! Enjoy! Oh look at the selfie Lorenzo took with his co workers!


Episode 62 Oh Crap revisited

This is one of the favorites re visited!

Episode 45! Lorenzo and Andrea are back at it! They share their voting experience and hot mayonnaise! Plus they talk about their PAL Charles! Do you ever have those OH CRAP moments? Andrea and Lorenzo DO! Come listen to their OH CRAP stories!



Special Episode 4 Stand up

Lorenzo and Andrea explain some of what is going on with Adam Corolla and this Patent Troll. Lorenzo does a stand up work in progress. He will be doing this to refine his set and to get feed back. Who does this? Enjoy