Episode 66 Alejandro Rey 2

Episode 67 we sit down with Alejandro Rey on his balcony. We go deep in this episode while his house is buzzing with preparation for the Los Angeles Salsa Congress. We get interrupted by his costume designer and also a guy we don’t know trying to sell us shoes and watches but he doesn’t mess around with electronics! Sit back and enjoy! Do you know the meaning of PALS?



Episode 66 Brad Williams

This Episode Brad Williams stops by, more like we stop by Brad’s house to do the episode! We talk to Brad about getting started in comedy, his only three jobs he has had, and standing o’s! Pals Podcast would like thank Brad for doing the podcast! He is at the Irvine Improv May 22-25 2014! Get your tickets here! Sit back and enjoy! Do you know the meaning of PALS?

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Episode 65 Shaun Lewin

Episode 65 Shaun Lewin of the Self Indulgent Podcast sits down with Lorenzo to share stories that range from Sandwich Illinois to his podcast. Producer Johnny comes in with a story that will for sure go down into Pals Podcast History. Sit back and enjoy!


Episode 63 Michael Amico

This week Lorenzo sits down with Drummer, Lounge singer, and comedian Michael Amico! 1939954_10153943515405711_1588195032_nThey share dating stories, talk about comedy. Michael also talks about his days as a lounge singer and drummer. Oh during the episode an EARTHQUAKE happens! Enjoy